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We develop the overall structure and language of your content from spelling, typos, grammar, and so on. With the right word choices and the best possible sentence structure, we improve the content structure tremendously.



Proper Content

With our comprehensive proofreading and editing services, you can gain the proper content writing skills to master the art of content development.



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Scribania grants all its writers the ability to have complete feedback and useful tips when it comes to content development and correction.


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Academic Services


Want to make all your articles, dissertations, thesis, and term-papers standout from the rest? With our proofreading expertise and extensive editing support, you can make all your academic content impressive and plagiarism free.

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So, you are an evocative writer but want copy editing, proofreading, and critical reviews for your project? We are here to assist you. Whether it’s a novel, manuscript, or an eBook, we will provide you with the best proofreading and editing services to make all your projects efficacious.

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Business or Corporate

If you as an organization or a business require professional editing and proofreading services for all your content ranging from white papers, reports, manuals, press releases, letters, marketing documents, and other materials, then we are here for you.

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Want your papers, assignments, and other kind of written content such as term-papers and reports edited and proofread by professionals? You have come to the right place. With our experienced and highly qualified editors, we help you unleash your true writing potential.

Sound Professional in your resume


Want to sound professional in your resumes and be a part of the corporate culture? You can have all your documents ranging from resumes, letters, emails, personal files, and so on edited through our industry expert proofreaders and editors.

English as a second language

English as a Second Language

If English is not your first language, and you require comprehensive editing, curative, and proofreading services for your content, then you can count on us. We can transform your content, so it feels like it is written by a native writer.

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Essay V2 Document

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Just select the pages you like to have edited by our editors. You are only required to pay for the selected pages. You as a writer can also indicate whether you would like our editors to proofread your footnotes. We provide quality services, improve the quality of our clients' work, and work with high-quality editors.

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Scribania. Aly, Johnson

1 review 3 days ago

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One of the best proofreading and editing services available on the web right now. Excellent customer relation team and extensive proofreading services. Delighted with the services from

Natasha F. Brown

4 review 7 days ago

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Verified Order

Excellent proofreading and editing services at competitive rates! Their service portfolio is best for a diverse range of writers and content developers.

Ricarda, Ramirez

5 review 13 days ago

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Verified Order

If you want an accurate plagiarism checker and a full-proof proofreading and editing service online, Scribania is the one for you. I have recently used Scribania for my final year project, and I scored one of my most exceptional scores.

Jonah. Kowalski

9 review 15 days ago

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Verified Order

Scribania was extremely helpful in my creative content writing executive journey. It helped me to have a better command over writing and unleash my potential as a content curator.

Barbara, Alison

14 review 19 days ago

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Verified Order

The bar of excellence has been set. Fantastic proofreading and editing solutions from Scribania. One of the best services out there.

Patel, Simon

12 review 27 days ago

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Verified Order

The revision services from Scribania were excellent, and the corrections, as well as the feedback, was spot on. Delighted by the overall services.

Harris, Leighton

10 review 28 days ago

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Verified Order

Seamless services and quick responses! I was done with my paper in no time. The plagiarism checking tool is a great feature.

Daniel, Porter

15 review 1 month ago

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Verified Order

One of the best one-stop service providers for content editing, proofreading and citation regulations. Scribania is a life-saver. I can write content flawlessly now.

Neil, Richardson, Jr

20 review 1 month 5 days ago

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Verified Order

I always had problems with citations and references when it came to writing. Thanks to Scribania, I can cite and reference my content professionally and aptly.

We are a lot more than Proofreading and Editing Experts

Become a professional content writer with our proofreading and editing services. Master the Art of content writing.

Clarity Check

Clarity Check

Through clear and concise content proofreading and editing services, we deliver clarity to your diverse range of content. We make sure the content remains consistent and clear while giving it a professional look.

Structure Check

Structure Check

Through our personalized structure checking report combined with in-text comments, we help improve the overall organization and flexibility of your content and make sure that the clarity of the content remains intact.

Reference & Layout Check

Reference and Layout Check

All our editors and proofreaders are top-notch content gurus and have access to the best editorial training in the content industry. With precision reference and layout checks from our experienced editors, integrating sturdiness in your content dynamics is easy.

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We are always there to assist our fellow writers in their content endeavors by providing them with the best proofreading, editing, and citation services. With a qualified team of professionals at our disposal, we help you answer all your questions concerning content writing and development, whether its academic content or creative content. We believe that every individual and a content curator must have the right tools at his or her disposal to achieve the necessary success.

Frequently Asked

1. I ordered the Scribania Plagiarism Checker in combination ...

If you purchased a Plagiarism Checker in combination with our Proofreading & Editing service, you can start the Plagiarism Checker anytime at your convenience.
Scribania recommends using the Plagiarism Checker after you have received your document and gone through all of the edits. Then you can upload the most recent version of your paper and avoid having to manually transfer changes from one document to another.

2. Can I buy an annual subscription for the Scribania ...

At the moment we do not offer an annual subscription for the Scribania Plagiarism Checker. Plagiarism checks can be bought separately — prices depend on the size of your document.

  • Small document (up to 7,500 words) £18.95
  • Normal document (7,500-50,000 words) £28.95
  • Large document (50,000+ words) £39.95

3. How long does the Scribania Plagiarism Checker take?

The Scribania Plagiarism Checker takes about 10 minutes to finish. For documents larger than 25,000 words it can take a bit longer. You will be shown an estimate at the order overview. As soon as the check has finished we will also send you an e-mail.

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